Tuesday, July 6, 2010

13 years of Morgan

Morgan turned 13 May 2nd. I cannot believe that 13 years have already passed. She is growing up way too fast. I couldn't be more proud of her. Here are a few pictures from her birthday party and a few thoughts on her. We took her and her friends shopping and them back home for a slumber party.

Morgan and a few of her girlfriends.

13 things about Morgan Anne Taylor
1. She is smart - she obviously got that from Mark! She is way smarter and much deeper thinking than I will ever be!
2. She is caring - she has a very sensitive and caring heart. She is very sensitive to the needs of others, and she has a real desire to help them.
3. She loves to read - if you want to find Morgan, find her book! She has read more books in 13 years than I have read in 35 years.
4. She is a true blond - for being very smart, she doesn't have a whole lot of common sense! Just ask her where ground beef comes from. You may think it comes from a cow, but she has other thoughts!
5. She is a christian - Morgan put on her Lord and Savior in baptism earlier this year, and she has a true desire to serve God.
6. She loves CDR - who knew when Mark and I met there that she would love it just as much as us one day? She truly feels at home there.
7. She loves romance and love - where did this kid come from? I think maybe I should have her tested to see if she is really my child!!!
8. She is a good role model - even though Haleigh would NEVER admit it, she wants to be just like Morgan! She is a great example to her brother and sister as well as to her friends.
9. She loves musicals/acting - again, where did she come from? I think she may really belong to Mandy!
10. She is embarrassed by me - of course, most kids are, but Morgan REALLY is. She doesn't want me to do anything that would draw extra attention to her.
11. She is shy - Morgan will never be the one out there as the center of attention at a party. She will be the girl in the corner hoping that no one notices her.
12. She is beautiful, inside and out - she doesn't need makeup and fancy clothes, she knows that true beauty comes from what she does and how she acts, and I think she is stunning!
13. She is a great friend - Morgan never judges people, she just loves them and supports them. She will always be there to listen and give advice. She is a true blessing to those that know her. If she isn't your friend yet, you should get to know her better! You will be blessed - as I have been for 13 wonderful years!


Colleen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MORGAN! I cannot believe you are 13! I will always remember you as one of my favorite third graders of all time!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Andrea said...

Awww, Melissa. This is a very sweet tribute to your sweet girl! I enjoyed reading it!